4 ways Whiskey Cavalier’s Frankie is just like Supernatural’s Bela (and 1 way they’re completely different)

WHISKEY CAVALIER -- ABC/Larry D. Horricks -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
WHISKEY CAVALIER -- ABC/Larry D. Horricks -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /
Whiskey Cavalier
WHISKEY CAVALIER – “The English Job” – While investigating suspicious robberies in London, Will hits it off with a sexy British spy, leaving Frankie with some unexpected feelings that she doesn’t know how to process. Meanwhile, Jai competes with Susan over who is more intelligent, and Standish deals with a case of shell shock on “Whiskey Cavalier,” airing WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Larry D. Horricks)LAUREN COHAN, SCOTT FOLEY /

Lauren Cohan has taken up a new lead role. Frankie Trowbridge in Whiskey Cavalier is so much like Supernatural’s Bela, it’s like watching Season 3 all over again. Here are five ways the characters are so similar.

If you’ve watched Whiskey Cavalier, you know that Lauren Cohan is slaying it as Frankie Trowbridge. This is a role that was made for her. At least, it feels like it. It’s also a role that feels familiar for Supernatural fans and could be a reason to check out the show on Wednesdays.

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Frankie Trowbridge and Bela Talbot have some extremely similar elements to their personalities. However, I doubt Frankie would go as far as selling her soul — but then, we don’t know what this character was like during her teen years and Supernatural offered a good reason for Bela (possibly unknowingly) making that decision.

If you’re still on the fence about checking out the character, these five similarities between the characters could be just what you need.

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5. She’s confident and charming

Frankie is one of the most confident characters on the show. She’s able to hold her own in a battle of words and will stand up for herself without questioning.

At the same time, she’s charming. She knows how to play the game. Whether it’s the events that have happened in her past or her training isn’t clear, but I don’t even think the reasons matter. She’s just one of the most charming personalities on the show and she knows how to use that charm.

From the very first minute, it was clear that she would get what she wants. She knows how to put her mind to it.

Whiskey Cavalier
WHISKEY CAVALIER – “Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge” – Will and Frankie head to Paris where they must grudgingly pose as a married couple to infiltrate a wedding and capture a genocidal Romanian general on “Whiskey Cavalier,” airing WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Larry D. Horricks)SCOTT FOLEY, LAUREN COHAN /

4. She doesn’t mind going undercover

Remember when Bela would take on a role for a job? Well, Frankie does the exact same thing. As a CIA agent, she’s had better training that Bela ever had, which offers her more abilities and support when she is taking on a job.

We’ve watched Frankie pretend to be a tech geek, an adoring wife, and even a safecracker. It’s sometimes hard to tell if we’re seeing elements of Frankie’s true personality shine through when she is doing her undercover work, she’s just that good.

Bela would take on a role. The main difference is that Bela probably wouldn’t have been as good, especially for things like a tech geek. Bela would only take the high-society roles while Frankie will do what it takes.

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3. There’s a secret in her past

Frankie refuses to get close to anyone. Remind you of someone? Yes, this Whiskey Cavalier character should remind you of Supernatural‘s Bela Talbot.

Because of Bela’s upbringing and the knowledge she had 10 years until going to hell, she was always going to keep herself disconnected from others. By the time she was ready to turn to the Winchesters, it was all too late.

Frankie clearly has a secret but it’s not come out yet. She refuses to connect to anyone and allow them into her life, suggesting that she’s possibly lost someone. She won’t have made a deal with a crossroads demon but that doesn’t mean her character traits are all that different from Bela. Frankie is starting to let people in, though, craving some sense of friendship.

Whiskey Cavalier
WHISKEY CAVALIER — “When in Rome” — ABC/Larry D. Horricks — Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

2. She has contacts

While Bela had buyers, Frankie has contacts. And they all tend to help the two characters with the jobs that need doing. However, while these two women have similarities, they also have some major differences.

Bela will coerce and pay people to do jobs for her. She doesn’t like getting her hands dirty if she doesn’t have to. Then she finds buyers and clients to facilitate her lifestyle.

Frankie is willing to do the dirty work when necessary. She’ll go undercover and do some of the most dangerous jobs. When she gets in touch with her contacts, it’s to help in a way that she can’t manage because she doesn’t have the skills or the tech.

1. Frankie fights for the world

While there are so many similarities, there is one major difference between Frankie and Bela. In Supernatural, Bela was always out for herself. She knew she was going to hell, so she was going to make life as comfortable as possible for her while living. Cheating, lying, stealing. They were all just part of who she was to get what she wanted.

Frankie in Whiskey Cavalier is completely different. Instead of out for herself, Frankie’s actions are to keep the world safe. In just the latest episode, she sacrifices her own happiness for the world, making it clear that people have to come first. In a way, Frankie is a lot like the Winchester brothers, but with a real CIA badge instead of the fakes that the Winchesters carry around.

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What do you think of Whiskey Cavalier? Did you notice similarities and differences between Frankie and Bela? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.