#FF: The last Gilmore Girls episode with Jared Padalecki

GILMORE GIRLS -- Photo credit: Neil Jacobs/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
GILMORE GIRLS -- Photo credit: Neil Jacobs/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Today in Supernatural history, we’re flashing back to Jared Padalecki’s time on Gilmore Girls. This day is the anniversary of the first airing of his final episode in the main show.

On Apr. 19, 2005, Jared Padalecki’s last episode of Gilmore Girls aired for the first time. It was a chance for the actor to walk away from one CW show and head to another, after landing one of the two leads on Supernatural. While he did reprise the role for the Netflix revival, we’re just looking at the original series right now.

Padalecki played Dean Forester, and yes, the name of the character routinely comes up. In fact, Supernatural included a mention of Gilmore Girls in the second season when the Winchesters head to Hollywood for some R&R time that turns into a case.

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If you’re still to watch Gilmore Girls, there are some spoilers in this post and I apologize. However, the show has been off the air for more than 10 years! You can catch it on Netflix.

Padalecki’s last episode was “To Live and Let Diorama.” After seasons of an on-and-off relationship with Rory Gilmore, getting married to someone else and having an affair, and trying to make things work in Stars Hollow, Dean finally realized that it was time to move on. He knew that his relationship with Rory would never work, as the two wanted completely different things.

It was heartbreaking for Rory but it was the first mature thing Dean had done. Granted, neither Dean or Rory was innocent in their relationships and the things they did. Both had different views of a woman’s job in the house, though. They had different expectations and wishes for life and it was good to see all this come full circle and for Dean to be the most mature one out of the two.

Granted, Dean came back for the revival. It wasn’t a huge part and more as a way to catch up where he was with his life now.

Gilmore Girls was Jared Padalecki’s first big role. He’d done smaller guest stars and TV movie roles up to this point, including A Ring of Endless Light and A Little Inside, but Gilmore Girls helped to put him on the map.

However, the show almost led to him not getting the part on Supernatural. Eric Kripke had concerns that Padalecki was playing a character who wasn’t book smart. In fact, Dean Forester had a dislike for books and would only read books that Rory recommended. Fortunately, Padalecki had a great manager who pointed out his own academic achievements and the rest is history.

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What did you think of Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls? Which was your favorite episode with Jared Padalecki? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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