5 guest stars you’ve forgotten appeared in Supernatural Season 5

Supernatural -- "My Bloody Valentine" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "My Bloody Valentine" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 5 is one of the strongest seasons of the series. How many guest stars do you remember? Here are ones you’ve possibly overlooked.

As one of the strongest seasons of the whole series, you likely remember some of the bigger names that guest starred in Supernatural Season 5. But there are other faces or characters that you vaguely remember but won’t quite remember who played them. Sometimes it’s due to makeup and other times it’s because they hadn’t had many roles before guest starring.

Don’t worry! I’m about to catch you up on the actors and actresses you possibly forgot about in the fifth season of Supernatural. You’ll be amazed as you watch the season again.

Sarah Drew

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You’ll know Sarah Drew for her role as Dr. April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy, but what about Supernatural Season 5? This is one of the guest stars that I often seen mentioned in fan groups as many realize just how much Drew has been in.

Wait, what episode? Drew was Nora in “Swap Meat.” She was the one who realized that, actually, she didn’t want to play with fire.

Bellamy Young

Bellamy Young guest starred in the Supernatural Season 5 premiere as Sarah. Who’s Sarah? She was Nick’s wife and was shown in visions. It turned out Lucifer had taken her form to get Nick to say yes to him.

Young, whose real name is Amy Young, already had a good list of credits before joining Supernatural. She was Dr. Miller in Scrubs and Ellen Darling in Dirty Sexy Money. Since guest starring for the one episode, she’s guest starred in the likes of Drop Dead DivaCastle, and The Mentalist. Her biggest role has been Mellie Grant in Scandal for 124 episodes.

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 13 recap
Supernatural — “The Song Remains the Same” – Photo: David Gray/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Kerry van der Griend

One of the hunters who killed the Winchester brothers in Episode 16, this face is one that you shouldn’t forget. Kerry van der Griend played Roy. However, you’ll likely remember him better as one of the cavemen in the Night at the Museum trilogies.

He does a lot of guest star roles, but he has been back to Supernatural since his Season 5 appearance. He was in Season 12’s “Who We Are,” returning as Roy.

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Matt Ward

Robert Wisdom portrayed Uriel so well that it’s easy to forget there was a younger version of the angel during Supernatural Season 5. Matt Ward played the character during Episode 13, “The Song Remains the Same.”

Ward has come a long way since guest starring in Supernatural. He’s played Brian Decker in 10 episodes of Remedy was in TRON: Legacy, and recently starred in 19 episodes of The Bold Type as Alex.

James Otis

You’ll not have forgotten the character but you may not have noticed the actor under the makeup. James Otis guest starred in one episode, an important episode. He was Famine in “My Bloody Valentine.

Interestingly, Otis’ last acting credit has been Supernatural Season 5 in 2010.

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Which actors had you not realized guest starred in Supernatural Season 5? Share your surprises from rewatches in the comments below.

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