5 reasons to watch The Society as a Supernatural fan

THE SOCIETY -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

For the Supernatural fans looking for something a little different during Hellatus, Netflix is the place to turn. The Society is something to check out.

As a Supernatural fan, you’re likely looking for ways to use up your time. You want to get through Hellatus. While you could just stick to reruns of the series, there are so many other great shows and movies out there to check out. Netflix’s The Society is one of them.

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While we’re still waiting on word about a second season, The Society is most definitely worth the watch. Supernatural’s own Kathryn Newton takes on one of the lead roles, attempting to help a group of privileged teenagers get through one of the strangest things ever happen to them.

There’s a mystery to work out, when the group of teens find themselves in an alternate version of their own world. There are no parents around and no way out of their own town. They’re alone and while figuring out why and how they’ve got here, they also need to figure out how to just survive.

Not sure if this is for you? Here are five reasons you’ll certainly want to check out The Society as a Supernatural fan.

Kathryn Newton, The Society
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

5. See Kathryn Newton as a completely different role

We know Kathryn Newton as Claire Novak. While she’s come a long way throughout Supernatural, there are still elements of the character that rub people the wrong way. She can be stubborn and bratty at times — something I imagine a teenage Dean to be every now and then when he’s looking out for attention or even a teenage Sam when he wants to go his own way.

If you want to see Newton’s acting abilities, then it’s The Society that you want to watch. Leave all perceptions of Claire Novak at the credits. Allie is absolutely nothing like the Supernatural character.

Allie is kind, considerate, and looks out for others. Yes, she has her flaws but she’s human. We all have our own flaws. However, Allie steps up when she needs to and will put others first as much as possible. She simply tries to do her best. If you love Clarke Griffin in The 100, I get the feeling you’ll like Allie.

It’s always fun to see our Supernatural actors in other roles. This gives us a chance to see their acting abilities. Kathryn Newton will go a long way with her abilities.

THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

4. Go along for the mysterious ride

One of the things that draws us into Supernatural is working out the mysteries. Whether it’s figuring out what creature the Winchesters are after from one week to the next or looking into the season-long story arcs, there’s fun in figuring out the answers to the many questions.

Many Supernatural fans also love other similar shows. It could be The 100, Pretty Little Liars, or even The Vampire Diaries. They all have their own mysteries and questions to unfold.

The Society is the same. There’s plenty of foreshadowing throughout. Various questions are raised early on, with twists and turns along the way as the teenagers figure out bits and pieces of events that are happening.

Of course, just having one mystery can be boring. That’s not what happens here. While there is the main question, the teens have to figure out how to survive. They need to literally create a society among themselves, but what type of society will it be? Who is in charge and why?

You’ll want to go along on the mysterious ride that the show promises to offer. And look out for that twist at the very end of the first season. It makes you need a second.

THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

3. Excellent representation and diversity

Netflix is one of the best streaming services for diversity and representation. Whether it’s different cultures or races or disabilities, most shows will offer diverse main characters. The Society certainly does.

Yes, there are the straight white men. But then there are gay men, people of color, and those with disabilities. In fact, one of the characters that Supernatural fans may be drawn towards is Sam Eliot, played by Sean Berdy.

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Sam is a deaf character (the actor is also deaf), who is also gay. He tries to make the most of his life and is one of the most lovable characters on the screen. He constantly tries to make other people happy, putting his best friend first as much as possible. It’s sweet but it causes problems later in the series.

Why is this character someone for the SPN Family? You’ll get memories of Eileen Leahy throughout.

But he’s not the only diverse character. This show doesn’t make a point of constantly focusing on race, sexuality, or disability. It’s only for when the story calls for it, and there are a couple of stories that require the focus.

It’s positive representation when the storylines are brought into focus. The storylines are real and focused when they are used. They’ll draw you into the tale in ways that many other shows can’t possibly imagine.

THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

2. Characters to love and hate throughout

It’s important to have a range of characters on the screen. This isn’t just about diversity but also about having characters to root for and those to root against. Supernatural does that so well, so you’d hope that other shows can manage it.

The Society certainly does. While Kathryn Newton plays one of the characters you want to succeed, there are others that you will find yourself despising throughout the course of the season. As episodes go on, you’ll want to see them get their just desserts.

The question is whether that will happen. After all, there are plans to continue this if Netflix renews it. We can’t have every mystery solved and every bad character written out by the end of the first season, right? You’ll just have to watch to see which of the “evil” characters are killed off or punished.

But, there are certainly characters that will draw you in. There are those with questionable morals but they simply want to find a way to survive. Others will act out of greed and vengeance and then there are those that act out of pride and envy. All seven deadly sins play a part in this series, motivating the various teenagers.

THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

1. An easy binge-watch

Sometimes you just want something that you can binge-watch. That’s what you’ll get with The Society. With 10 one-hour long episodes, you’ll find you can get through the whole series within a weekend. I certainly did when it was first released.

Then you’ll want to watch it again. There are some clues that pop up throughout the series that you’ll likely miss the first time. Watching a second will give you a chance to see the foreshadowing and possibly help you figure out what is really going on.

It’s an easy binge-watch. Too many shows like this can get too deep in the mystery and mythology. The Society doesn’t do that.

In fact, the big mystery of where they are is sort of put on the back burner. Sure, they want to figure it out and they certainly have a group of people working on the mystery, but there’s also the need to survive. They know that they have to play to their strengths and figure out the best way to get through the coming months as food starts to run low.

It’s a show you’ll be able to just put on when you want. Whether you want to watch in a weekend or one episode a night, you’ve got the ability. And if you find you don’t enjoy it as much as I did, you’ve not wasted too much time with there only being 10 episodes!

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What are you currently watching to get through Hellatus? Which shows do you recommend to Supernatural fans? What did you think of The Society? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Society Season 1 is available in full on Netflix.