Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 7 episode is most underrated?


Wrapping up in 2017, season 7 of Bob’s Burgers seems like where the show hit its stride but which episode of season 7 doesn’t get enough love?

It’s hard to believe that Bob’s Burgers has been on as long as it has. Season 7 was two years ago, it feels wild to think about. Bob’s Burgers Season 7 is one that gets a lot of hype and rightfully so. It started off with a bang and it was necessary after the 100th episode premiered the season before. Choosing an underrated episode is going to be tough.

A running theme is that the series always has a few standout episodes, maybe one or two bad but is mostly made up of good episodes. With each season, the series has a handful of underrated episodes. Since the series is on hiatus, what better time to look through each season and find the most underrated episode?

Before getting into this series, there will be spoilers for Bob’s Burgers. This week is all about Season 7 so you will be spoiled if you haven’t watched it. As per all these lists, this is only my opinion. If you don’t agree, feel free to share your thoughts or what episode you consider the most underrated from the said season.

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As always, it’s important to look at the milestones for Season 7 and some of the most memorable episodes. The major milestone was the show featured its first Easter episode and it still remains one of the funniest holiday episodes. In addition to the first Easter episode, the Belchers also celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time, too. No doubt that both episodes are memorable.

The premiere, “Flu-ouise” parodied Wizard of Oz in a way that only Bob’s Burgers could, complete with Kuchi Kopi. As beloved as Kuchi Kopi is, it was awesome to see him make his triumphant return. Another memorable episode has to be “Paraders of the Lost Float,” in which Bob tries to win a parade float contest but gets stuck every time he tries. Similar to “Glued, Where’s My Bob?” this episode feels like a quintessential Bob’s Burgers episode.

Moving away from the memorable episode, let’s get into a few underrated ones before getting to the most underrated. A majorly underrated episode was “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” which follows Louise and Gene as they get into trouble with Louise’s old nemesis, Logan. What makes this episode so underrated is that it focuses on the relationship between Louise and Gene which we rarely see. It was nice to see Louise be afraid and have Gene be there for her rather than be afraid too.

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Keeping with the theme of the underrated relationships, the episode “There’s No Business Like Mr. Business Business” features Linda and Gayle’s relationship, one that hardly gets attention in the series. The episode follows Linda, Gayle and the family as they try to get Gayle’s cat, Mr. Business to become the new mascot for a cat food company. It’s a fun episode and one that doesn’t get enough recognition, especially since John Oliver guest-starred.

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Apparently, Season 7 wanted to show off almost every relationship in the family as “The Laser-inth” give us an amazing Bob-Gene episode. The episode features Bob and Gene going to the planetarium Bob used to visit when he was younger but things go awry when Gene got scared. It’s fun to see how the two of them bond and what the girls get up to in their absence.

Before getting into the most underrated episode, I want to feature a few more honorable mentions: “Aquaticism,” “Zero Larp Thirty”, “The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel” and “Sea Me Now.” If you couldn’t tell, I have a soft spot for Season 7 as it’s the first season I covered for Hidden Remote. Maybe that’s why but Season 7 is overall a really awesome season.

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However, the most underrated episode to me is “Like Gene for Chocolate.” If there is one thing Bob’s Burgers lacks, it’s episode focused on Gene. As a middle child, it’s not a surprise but an episode focused on him always have a bit more depth. Such is the case for “Like Gene for Chocolate” where Gene works to get his favorite candy bar recipe changed back.

It’s a fun premise but makes the episode so special is Gene. It’s clear from the episode how much character growth he’s undergone since season 1. Even though he doesn’t get what he wants in the end, he still comes out on top. The episode does have some humor, but it’s mostly about Gene’s journey and the lengths he’s willing to go for what he loves.

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What’s the most underrated episode in Bob’s Burgers Season 7 in your opinion? Which is your favorite episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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