Steven Universe: The Movie release date and trailer revealed

Photo Credit: Steven Universe/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Press
Photo Credit: Steven Universe/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Press /

At SDCC, Cartoon Network unveiled details on the upcoming Steven Universe: The Movie, including an air date and trailer.

Ever since Steven Universe: The Movie was announced at Comic-Con last year, it has been the cause of much speculation by the fans. Specifically, this has surrounded what it would entail, especially since the previous episodes served as a series finale of sorts, and also when it would be released.

We got the answer to the former recently with a poster for the movie. Along with that, we got information that this is set two years in the future and knowledge that Steven now has a neck, a point of much excitement amongst the crew behind the series.

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Now, at Comic-Con 2019, we finally have an update on when we’ll be seeing Steven Universe: The Movie and a nice trailer to whet our appetites until that time comes. Rebecca Sugar, the showrunner for the series, unveiled an updated version of the poster that had been previously released which now had the premiere date on it: Sept. 2.

Just judging solely from the poster, it’s clear that a lot has stayed the same in the two years since we last saw Steven and the Crystal Gems. The Crystal Gems still have the same form from “Change Your Mind,” which already indicates that they’ve had a measure of peace in that time.

Some things are different, as well, such as Steven’s new wardrobe that now includes a pink jacket, The Temple rebuilt, and a tower in the background that could be an expanded version of Lapis and Peridot’s barn.

Along with this, we got a trailer that answered a lot of the question fans might have regarding what this next stage of Steven Universe look for Season 6 and beyond as the titular teen attempts to grow up. Steven wants nothing more than to retire from Gem-related shenanigans and be a regular kid now.

The trailer brings to the forefront a lot of the ideas and themes that the animated series has touched upon in the past and will now likely have a place of greater emphasis going forward, such as accepting change and truly embracing the difficulties that come with leaving childhood behind for greater responsibilities. It’s hopeful and melancholic with some optimism thrown in, making it truly Steven Universe through-and-through.

We also got a good look at the still-unnamed villain that we saw from the poster earlier and her powers, along with what she wants from Steven and the Earth. She has an excellent foreboding energy in all of her shots and strikes an interesting balance between the Joker and Mister Fantastic if he was evil.

On top of that, the trailer gave us a peek at one of the songs from Steven Universe: The Movie called “True Kinda Love,” sung by Estelle. Given that this movie has been designed as a full-length musical, this is probably only the first of many songs that fans will be able to add to their repertoire.

Are you excited for Steven Universe: The Movie? What are your hopes for the series going forward or would you prefer it end properly? let us know in the comments below.

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Steven Universe: The Movie airs on Sept. 2 on Cartoon Network.