Great forking news: The Good Place Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix

Photo Credit: The Good Place/NBC/Colleen Hayes, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: The Good Place/NBC/Colleen Hayes, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

The Good Place Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix ahead of the upcoming fourth and final season’s premiere on NBC.

Here’s some great forking news for your end-of-summer doldrums: The third season of The Good Place officially hit Netflix to fulfill all of your philosophical binge-watching needs. Oh, yeah — your watch list just got a whole shirtload funnier and wiser.

Finish your summer on a high note and catch back up with the smartest comedy on television, or finally get on board with the beloved, Emmy-nominated series before it signs off for good with Season 4.

The Good Place Season 3 arrives on Netflix for instant streaming on Tuesday, Aug. 27, one month ahead of the fourth and final season’s premiere on NBC on Thursday, Sept. 26. That’s right, our misadventures throughout multiple planes of reality with Team Cockroach or the Soul Sqaud, or whatever they call themselves these days, will come to an unfortunate but fitting end once those final 13 episodes finish airing early next year. But there’s plenty of time to relive every moment.

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Ever since the Kristen Bell and Ted Danson headliner premiered in 2016, it has sent its fans on one hell of a ride. Initially, The Good Place centered on Eleanor Shellstrop (Bell), a woman who was seemingly sent to the Good Place on a clerical error, when her less than exemplary behavior on Earth warranted a trip to the Bad Place. During the first season, Eleanor tries to keep her secret under wraps she inadvertently causes havoc, but the finale ripped the rug out from under us.

From there, The Good Place continued to reinvent itself with each season and, really, each episode. You never quite know where the series will take you next, whether it’s IHOP or Janet’s void. But we’ve already said too much; those are the light spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless.

In the third season, Eleanor and her friends grapple with their humanity and where their souls will finally end up. They go to hell and back (fairly literally… spoilers?) to get the afterlife answers they seek.

While the plot of Season 4 has remained hush hush, and rightfully so, fans can assume that Eleanor, Michael (Danson), Janet (D’Arcy Carden), Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil), and Jason (Manny Jacinto) will follow through with their attempt to fix the broken system of the afterlife by moving forward with the new experiment. But who knows where that story will take us or if [spoiler] will remember Eleanor. If there’s one show we can trust to plot a perfect course to a full circle, fan-serving yet satisfying ending, it’s The Good Place.

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Will you be watching (or re-watching) The Good Place Season 3 on Netflix? What do you hope to see in the final season? Are you anticipating an unpredictable ending to the series? Sound off in the comments with all of your hopes, dreams, thoughts, and predictions!

The Good Place Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. The fourth and final season premieres on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.