Supernatural mystery box summer 2019 from CultureFly: Unboxing and review

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The summer 2019 Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly is here. Here’s a look at what fans received and a look at what’s possible in a future box.

The Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box from CultureFly is out. In fact, pre-orders for the fall 2019 box are being taken. It’s time to delve into what we got in the summer, in a Baby-themed box.

As usual, I’ll do this box with a look at the bad, the mediocre, and the good. Sadly, there were a few items that I didn’t like in this box, but the bad was weighed out entirely by the good.

the bad: The photo frame and poster

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After a good poster last month, we seemed to take a step back this month with one of the stock images from the show. My least favorite item from every box has been the posters. I’m sure there are many people who love the posters, but they’re not for me.

The second item that I’m not a big fan of is the photo frame. It’s a shame because the frame itself could have been great. In this case, it’s the quality that’s not the best. As I took it out of the packaging, the glue started to come apart. I can fix this myself, but why should I have to?

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The mediocre: The keychain

There’s only one item that I’m so-so with. The keychain has a fan-favorite saying from Supernatural on it: “Driver picks the music.” Sadly, it doesn’t have the rest of the saying. Okay, we know how it goes, but part of me wishes that the “Shotgun shuts his cakehole” could have been on the back of the keychain.

The keychain is plastic, so it doesn’t jingle too much on my keys. However, I have this feeling that it’s going to break easily. I’ll be keeping an eye on this item.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The good: Plush doll, T-shirt, tote bag, and more

Finally, it’s all about the good. The summer 2019 mystery box from CultureFly had some excellent items in it. The first is the plush doll. I know I was hard on the vinyls that came last year, but I’m glad to see that CultureFly has stepped up its game with this item in the box.

This time, it’s Dean, which makes sense for a Baby-themed box. Maybe it’s meant to be a Dean-themed box and Baby is a strong element because of how important she is to the elder Winchester. Regardless, we get a Dean plush that looks a little like him—plush dolls get away with not looking exactly like the character.

The charm for the bracelet is another item that I like. This has been a consistent addition that I’ve enjoyed for the last few boxes, but I think I might need a new charm bracelet soon! My only complaint is that there’s license plate on Baby. It could have been either the first main license plate or the second one, I’d have been happy.

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The plastic tumbler is also an excellent addition to the box, showing that CultureFly is thinking about the environment. This isn’t the first time CultureFly has done a reusable drink item. The last was a metal flask and my only complaint was the fact that it was metal, so not so usable when you’re somewhere quiet!

This plastic item is excellent, and even comes with a plastic straw that you can reuse. There’s no excuse to have one-use straws in the house.

Most importantly about the tumbler is the Supernatural image. It’s paper held between two thick layers of plastic. There’s no way this can get ruined like the stickers on the glass.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

Then there are the wearable items. The T-shirt is a fun addition. While the fandom is obvious, it’s done in a creative way. With the demon knife, an angel blade, and the sigils, we get this Winchester family crest almost. And, like all previous CultureFly T-shirts, the quality is good.

The second wearable (of sorts) is a tote bag, which has Baby loud and proud on the front saying “to Hell and back,” because both Winchesters have been through that. At first, I wondered what a bit of plastic was sticking out by one of the handles, but it turns out to be a switch for Baby’s headlights. They flash on and off, adding just that extra layer of fun detail.

And this isn’t a tiny tote bag. This is going to be perfect for conventions, allowing you to hold onto all sorts of items while you’re on the vendor floor.

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What did you think of the Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box from CultureFly? Has this impressed you enough to get the next one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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