This Is Us: Susan Kelechi Watson finally gets recognized for her role

THIS IS US -- "Don't Take My Sunshine Away" Episode 316 -- Pictured: Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth Pearson -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)
THIS IS US -- "Don't Take My Sunshine Away" Episode 316 -- Pictured: Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth Pearson -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC) /

This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson is finally being recognized by the Critics’ Choice Association for her outstanding role as Beth Pearson. Will she secure the award for Best Supporting Actress?

The 38-year-old actress received her first main role on a television show when she was cast to play a prominent role in the This Is Us family in 2016. After over three seasons as Beth Pearson, Susan Kelechi Watson received her first Critics’ Choice Award nomination last week for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

While she could’ve easily been nominated sooner for this category, it’s not hard to see why she’s finally getting recognized for her stand-out moments in 2019. Watson had at least two nom-worthy episodes in Season 3 with “Our Little Island Girl” and “R & B.” In fact, Eboni Freeman received a nomination for penning “Our Little Island Girl” from the Writers Guild of America Awards.

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The latter-half of Season 3 was a pivotal one for Beth and Randall. Their marriage was on the rocks with Randall’s role as city councilman in Philadelphia, while Beth was struggling with feelings of not being able to pursue her dancing dreams amidst supporting her husband. On top of that, the power couple was tasked with raising their growing daughters and trying to adopt Deja. Luckily their issues were mostly resolved by the season’s end, providing us all with a collective sigh of relief.

If you’re like me and have loved Beth since the beginning, then you probably grew to love her even more after Season 3, Episode 13, where we learned a lot about her childhood, up-bringing and family dynamics. By the end of that hour, Randall took our little island girl to a dance studio where she realized her true potential. Susan Kelechi Watson did a phenomenal job of using her real-life dance background to shine brighter than ever on screen.

Watson’s growth as an actress continued in the first half of Season 4 with noteworthy performances in episodes like “The Dinner and the Date” and “So Long, Marianne” where she left us laughing and crying within the same scenes. I can’t wait to see what Beth does in 2020 as she continues raising her family and pursuing her dreams.

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What’s your favorite Beth Pearson moment? Do you think Watson will secure the award in January?

Find out if Susan Kelechi Watson wins the Best Supporting Actress award when the 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards airs on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020, just two days before This Is Us Season 4 resumes on Jan. 14.