Big Brother 22 Week 3: Who did the HOH nominate?

Who did the Week 3 HOH nominate on Big Brother All-Stars?

On Aug. 20’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars, Tyler was crowned HOH leaving many fans distraught as they knew that fan-favorite players Janelle and Kaysar were likely to be in danger. In Week 1, Janelle and Kaysar became public enemies in the house after being the only two people to compete in the Safety Suite Competition and winning safety for the week.

Luckily, they would end up catching another break last week, when Memphis decided to go against his alliance and target Big Brother 21 alums, David Alexander and Nicole Anthony.

So, when Tyler ultimately ended up winning this week’s HOH, the fans still had some hope that Janelle and Kaysar could survive the week. So did they? Let’s break it all down.

Big Brother 22: Tyler’s not playing scared

After winning the HOH Competition, Tyler made it clear to the audience that in line with what his alliance wanted, Janelle and Kaysar were his intended targets.

In the Diary Room, Cody celebrated the win. He said that to ensure that Janelle and Kaysar aren’t able to pick up any more allies, him, Tyler, Enzo, and Dani had created an alliance with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh called the Slick Six; however, he confirmed that his loyalties lie elsewhere.

In the Key Room, Janelle and Kaysar considered their options. With both of them unable to compete in this week’s Safety Suite Competition, their only other hope of ensuring they could escape being nominated was for Memphis to agree to save one of them if he won the competition.

Although he would agree, Janelle didn’t trust that his word was good, and in the Diary Room, Memphis confirmed that he planned on throwing the competition so he wouldn’t have to show his cards. Meanwhile, in the HOH Room, Cody, Tyler, and Christmas confirmed the plan with Tyler telling us in the Diary Room that he didn’t want to play the game scared.

As the Safety Suite opened for business, Dani, Enzo, Memphis, and Nicole prepared to play, and there was talk among the Slick Six and The Usual Suspects about who should be awarded the Plus One safety. Although Da’Vonne would ask her alliance members to award it to her so that she could wear the punishment costume, Tyler and Enzo were concerned that she had ulterior motives, a concern which Dani fueled.

Ultimately, it wouldn’t matter as Enzo would win the final Safety Suite competition of the season and award Christmas the Plus One safety to Da’Vonne’s disappointment. With Memphis failing to come through for them, Janelle and Kaysar separately headed upstairs to plead their case to Tyler.

Who would Tyler choose?

Kaysar went first, and although he apologized for throwing Tyler’s name around as someone he would potentially target in the coming weeks, he ensured him that they could work together moving forward. Janelle then took a similar approach, reminding Tyler that she and he are huge targets that could benefit from protecting each other.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the crusade against the Season 6 alliance was too strong to fight against, and as a result, Janelle and Kaysar found themselves on the block. As the episode closed though, Janelle and Kaysar told the audience that they weren’t going to be intimated by the new school players because as Janelle put it, do these players know who they’re messing with?

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Who will the Power of Veto? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Find out on the next episode of Big Brother All-Stars that airs Wednesday, August 26 at 8/7c on CBS.

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