Bob’s Burgers: 5 Thanksgiving tips to help survive this year

BOB'S BURGERS -- CR: FOX -- Acquired via FOXFlash
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These next two tips hold special significance for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

The next episode we’re looking at is Season 4’s “Turkey in A Can.” As far as Thanksgiving episodes go, this is probably the best of the bunch. This episode follows two different plotlines with Tina wanting to sit at the adult’s table and someone repeatedly sabotaging Bob by putting his turkey in the toilet.

Eventually, we come to find out the person sabotaging Bob is himself as he’s having a reaction to his allergy pills, causing him to sleepwalk and imagine the turkey is Tina as he’s trying to potty-train her. It’s such an unexpected plot twist, but it really works in the episode.

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As for the tip from “Turkey In A Can,” it has to be to expect the unexpected. For Bob, this was easier said than done. However, in the end, the family was able to celebrate together. Even though things might go wrong with your dinner or your family not getting along, it’s likely not as bad it might seem.

Let’s be real here, at least your Thanksgiving turkey didn’t end up on the toilet, making it completely inedible. With how odd Thanksgiving is going to be otherwise, this tip is one almost all of us can relate to.

Moving onto the next episode, it’s time to talk about Season 5’s “Dawn of the Peck.” This episode features Linda and the kids spending the day at Wonder Wharf with Linda participating in the Turkey Trot marathon. Things go awry when the turkeys are set loss, running wild and causing chaos via the pecking order. Eventually, the entire family including a drunk Bob teams up to re-establish the pecking order but not before the birds get some much-needed revenge.

The major tip from “Dawn of the Peck” is to not be afraid to buck tradition. While the results can sometimes be disastrous, it’s nice to try something new. Linda truly became queen of the turkeys and that’s something to brag about.

Even though it’s unlikely you’ll become the queen of the turkeys, it could be nice to try a non-traditional dinner, create a new Thanksgiving tradition or spend the holiday, shopping online instead. Either way, “Dawn of the Peck” definitely illustrates a unique way of spending Thanksgiving.