Bob’s Burgers: 5 best moments from Vampire Disco Death Dance

It’s hard to believe that Season 11 of Bob’s Burgers is finally coming to a close. Season 11 has been a roller coaster ride, to put it mildly. The Belcher family has been through a lot including their very own pandemic of epic proportions. Not only have the Belchers been through a lot but the series has a whole underwent some major changes.

Most of the work for the series has to be done remotely, making it especially unique when it came to animating the show and recording the different characters. Either way, the show managed to put together an impressive season despite all of the challenges. If it wasn’t public knowledge though, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t know that the show wasn’t being dealt with in the studio.

Despite its unique origins, it’ll be nice to close this chapter of Bob’s Burgers history. Of course, we can’t say goodbye without watching the season finale. With a title like “Vampire Disco Death Dance,” there is no telling what’s going to happen in the episode. Either way, it seems like the perfect way to cap off an already interesting season.

Before getting started, there will be spoilers from the Season 11 finale, “Vampire Disco Death Dance.” If you haven’t watched, be sure to leave now and come back so we can compare our favorite moments. With that being said, let’s talk about the best moments from the episode.

Here are the five best moments from “Vampire Disco Death Dance.”

Tina’s insecurities

The first moment of the episode that’s unforgettable is Tina having a mild freakout because she’s afraid she won’t be part of a group. Seeing her trying to figure out the group’s weird game and trying to fit in is incredibly awkward and no doubt something that a lot of us can relate to. It can be hard to make friends and it’s nice to see Tina experiencing something similar.

Tina invites everyone along unfortunately 

The next unforgettable moment happens between Bob and Tina. Bob is so excited for Tina to go see this movie he saw when he was 13 and he sees it as a rite of passage for her. His excitement goes down significantly when he realizes that Tina invited all of her friends.

Instead of it just being the two of them having fun, it’s now going to include Tammy, Jocelyn, Zeke, and Jimmy Junior which is a recipe for disaster.

Linda’s raccoon restaurant

The next unforgettable moment has to be Linda’s idea for a raccoon restaurant. While Bob and Tina are having their fun, Linda decides to enlist Louise and Gene to help with getting the restaurant ready by the trash. For Louise, Linda lets her light the candles on the table while Gene sets the mood with music. It’s oddly characteristic for Linda and honestly, I’m surprised that the show hasn’t decided to do something like that before.

The Vampire Disco songs 

Moving onto the next unforgettable Bob’s Burgers moment, it easily has to go to the songs that are used in the movie. The songs are oddly sexual including “I’m All Over You.” Obviously, it’s right up Tina’s alley and it’s a little bit frustrating to see her basically ignoring the entire song. It’s just so dang catchy and it’s obvious why Bob would want to share the movie and especially the song with her.

Tina stands up to her friends for Bob

The final unforgettable moment from the episode has to be when Tina confronts the rest of her friends for ruining her fun time with Bob. She ends up stopping the movie because she’s so upset and eventually, she runs out of the theater with Bob following her to make sure she’s okay. Tina realizes that she feels exactly how Bob does when she ditched him for her friends and in the end, Bob explains that Tina’s friends now might not be who she will connect with in the future. Plus the two end the episode by dancing together which is cute.

Bob’s Burgers will return with new episodes this fall. 

What did you think of “Vampire Disco Death Dance?” Did you think it was a solid Bob’s Burgers finale? Personally, I thought it was an amazing episode so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.