This Is Us rewind recap: 5 things you might have missed in season 1, episode 14

Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

Have you forgotten the smaller moments of This Is Us? Let’s rewind to Season 1, Episode 14 and recap five things you might have missed.

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There are filler episodes that are simply meant for building up tension, and then there are filler episodes that are meant for building up tension and pack a severe punch of their own. This Is Us stacks the house of cards that will soon crumble beginning in Episode 14, “I Call Marriage.” It’s an hour about the sanctity and fragility of committed relationships and how one blow can tear down the entire house.

Although “I Call Marriage” might not be the most memorable episode of This Is Us’ first season, it is one of the most invaluable glances into the lives of the Pearsons. A flashback to Jack and Rebecca’s glorious wedding day juxtaposes with a bleak look at their fizzling flame in the late ’90s. Meanwhile, Kevin continues to bark up Sophie’s tree despite her cold reception, and Kate contends with self improvement in the face of Toby’s misguided support. Also, Randall races toward rock bottom as stress mounts to an all time high. But do you remember Jack and Rebecca’s unofficial vow renewal and the bombshell that threatens to break them? Let’s rewind and revisit five things you might have missed in Season 1, Episode 14.

1. Jack and Rebecca got married at city hall.

You would expect a couple as epic and “goals” as Jack and Rebecca Pearson to have the so-called fairy tale wedding. However, that’s not quite the case. The Pearsons got hitched at city hall and followed up with a reception at a bar (most likely Froggy’s, where the Big Three were later conceived). Even without the bells and whistles of a big wedding, Jack and Rebecca relished in every moment. Unfortunately, you couldn’t say the same for their 1996 reality…

2. Toby crashes Kate’s retreat.

While Kate’s off at her immersive weight loss retreat out of the city, Toby hangs back in New York. Obviously, he gets bored and lonely with nothing to do as he continues to heal from surgery. Being the lovable goof he is, Toby assumes it’s a brilliant idea to join Kate at her retreat and spend time together. Wrong. Kate has finally hit her stride at the retreat (despite that complete creep Duke), and Toby’s presence throws her off course. But they have mutual support issues to iron out.

Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

3. Kevin won’t give up on getting Sophie back.

Ever the romantic, Kevin plans a day date with Sophie at the diner they ate at during their 8th grade field trip to the city. He even goes so far as to secure the booth in which they sat when they kissed and planned their future. Initially, she tells him to screw off (exact words), but she’s tempted by lava fries and his romantic pursuit on the subway. You have to hand it to Kevin. He does not give up.

4. The stress starts to drown Randall.

Anxiety has been growing and growing for Randall over the past handful of episodes, but it takes a turn for the worse in Episode 14. Beginning with a dream of William’s death, Randall’s stress mounts with undercuts at work and pressures at home to prepare for the eventual hardships. This Is Us foreshadows his inevitable breakdown as he loses partial mobility and control of his hands. Randall worries about how his daughters will handle losing William, but he should turn his concern inward.

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5. Jack and Rebecca have a romantic reset until…

When Miguel and Shelly announce their divorce to Jack and Rebecca in the late ’90s, it throws the Pearson couple through a loop. It’s almost as if they hadn’t considered the idea that they or anyone they know could end their marriage without some sort of traumatic event occurring. Neither Miguel nor Shelly cheated; they just drifted.

In the throes of their own rough patch, Jack and Rebecca worry they’re headed for the same fate. In response, Jack plans a romantic evening at their first apartment where they read their vows and get back to basics. But Rebecca reveals to Jack that her band booked a five-state tour, and she wants to hit the road. Tick, tick, tick…

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