General Hospital spoilers: Maxie seeks comfort from Nathan, but finds Peter instead

Nathan’s death has hit Maxie hard and she is trying to grasp life without him in it.

Poor Maxie is trying to find some comfort this week on General Hospital, but nothing really helps at all. Her grief is still raw. In the preview for Monday’s episode, she is at his grave seeking a place where she will find him. Not in the physical sense, but she just wants to feel close to him. Nathan isn’t there of course, but there is someone else who is close at hand willing to offer whatever Maxie needs. Peter August will somehow make his way to the graveyard and will run into Maxie there.

Maxie is grateful 

The General Hospital clip shows Peter offering Nathan’s widow just a few comforting words. It wasn’t much at all. However, Maxie is grateful that Peter isn’t like everyone else who tells her that she needs time to heal or that Nathan wouldn’t want her to be sad. Peter just told her that grief is a tough thing for the mind to accept. Maxie will be appreciative that he is not just trying to make her feel better because no one really can.

She also thanked him for saving her life and that of her unborn baby from Faison. Watching Maxie grieve so hard for her husband is hard to watch. She doesn’t know yet that she is pouring her heart out to Nathan’s brother Henrik. She, and everyone else in Port Charles, thinks he is just Peter August.

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Future couple alert?

Even though Maxie has been hit hard by Nathan’s sudden death, it is inevitable that she will eventually be hooked up with someone else. It is too soon, but it kind of looks like General Hospital is putting these two together, at least as a friendship for now. Peter does seem to be concerned for Maxie and her baby, and she seems to be quite comfortable spilling her heart out to him.

Peter is somehow linked to Valentin Cassadine as was revealed last week. However, it is not completely clear just yet on whether Peter could be under Valentin’s control or the guy has been telling him lies all these years. Peter seems to be a little confused and genuinely looks like he is truly upset by Nathan’s death. Of course, he could always just be putting on an act. Will he turn out to be a good guy after all?

What do you think, General Hospital fans? If and when Maxie is ready to move on with her life, would you like it to be with Peter, aka Henrik?

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