Susan Kelechi Watson teases Beth’s past and addresses those death rumors

Will Beth Pearson die in Season 3 of This Is Us? According to Susan Kelechi Watson, that’s not happening, but a look into Beth’s past is.

Ever since This Is Us concluded its second season back in March, fans have been scrambling as three separate cliffhangers left us in the lurch. From Kevin jetting off to Vietnam with Beth’s cousin to Kate tending to Toby’s health issues, it’s a lot. But the one to leave us in outright panic is Randall and Tess referring to a “her” in the future. Chrissy Metz already spilled that the resolution isn’t good, but Susan Kelechi Watson is here to ease our minds.

Ahead of the Season 2 finale of This Is Us, rumors began swirling out of thin air about the series killing off Beth. When the future timeline was introduced in the Super Bowl episode and reappeared in the finale to drop a bomb, it seemed to fuel the fire: Beth had to be dying. While there are more than a few explanations as to who “her” could be, Susan Kelechi Watson just took one character out of the running, and we’re relieved.

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While speaking to the Los Angeles Times about all things This Is Us, the inevitable elephant in the room regarding Beth Pearson waltzed its way into the conversation. Would Beth be dying? Although Chrissy Metz implied that the cast was already briefed on where the storylines were headed, Susan Kelechi Watson plays it much more coy than her on-screen sister-in-law. As she tells the Los Angeles Times, she might know who it is, but she’s certain it’s not Beth.

“I think I might. I think I might. They might be changing it, but I think I might…. I’m actually trying to think back to whether they made the hard decision. Stuff changes sometimes. But I feel like I know… there is some real stuff that happens in the future. And it involves the whole family. Does it necessarily mean Beth is dying — no. That’s the spoiler I can give — she’s not dead.”

Finally, a real and reliable spoiler about This Is Us Season 3! We’re going to go ahead and take Watson’s words as gospel, because we simply cannot live in a world where Beth Pearson might be in danger. The leading theories regarding the identity of the woman Randall and Tess aren’t ready to face are Beth and Deja, with Annie, Rebecca, and any new daughters leading the bottom of the leader board. But this latest development suggest Beth is in the clear.

Meanwhile, details Susan Kelechi Watson could speak on with authority related to Season 3’s in-depth look at Beth’s background. Ever since This Is Us employed its first use of the standalone bottle episode, and continued to break in the narrative to offer emotional context, fans have been clamoring for more information on beloved characters Toby, Miguel, and Beth. Well, our wish is their command. Watson shared with the LA Times that we’re learning all about Beth:

“That’s something we’re going to learn about in Season 3 — that she has a Jamaican background. Her mom is still alive, her dad isn’t, obviously. She has sisters and comes from a big family. Seeing how that plays into her life, who does she go to for advice and help outside of the Pearson clan… she’s like a slow-peeling onion. There’s all these layers that weren’t laid out immediately. We keep getting to meet her.”

Personally, getting to know Beth slowly but surely allows viewers more time to adore her as a character. We have the opportunity to learn who she is over the course of the series rather than being smacked over the face with her every eccentricity like the Big Three. More than anything, it’s perfect timing for the series to speak on Beth’s culture and bring fresh perspectives into the fold. We need these voices and this representation now more than ever.

Check out Susan Kelechi Watson’s full interview and conversation about This Is Us with the Los Angeles Times in the video below!

Do Susan Kelechi Watson’s spoilers ease your mind going into the third season this fall? What details do you hope to learn about Beth? Which characters from her family do you want to meet? Sound off in the comments with your anticipations and predictions for the new season, and be sure to keep the conversation going over on Twitter at @thisisuscrying!

This Is Us returns for Season 3 in September on NBC.