Supernatural Season 14: Misha Collins hopes we will go back to Heaven

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During the CW Upfronts, Misha Collins shared some words on what he hopes will happen in Supernatural Season 14 and the issue of heaven arose.

Heaven is crumbling. Some thought this, the crumbling of heaven, might happen in the season 13 finale to set things up for Supernatural season 14. However, it was not to be.

For the respect of those who have not seen the finale yet, we will refrain from spoiling anything for you as we look ahead at Supernatural season 14.

Supernatural season 14
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Without saying too much, a lot is going to happen in Supernatural season 14. Some big changes have happened and everything right now is messed up for the Winchesters. Once again the world is looking at another potential apocalypse.

Everyone is already speculating what might happen next season and that includes the Supernatural cast. During the CW Upfronts in New York, Misha Collins gave an interview to TV Insider about what he would like to to see happen in Supernatural season 14.

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Supernatural season 14
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Heaven needs to be fixed

Collins hopes to see more episodes involvingHeaven. It was a minor plot point in season 13 that didn’t get much attention but it is one that really can’t go unchecked. It needs to be fixed and Collins believes he, as Castiel, is best poised to do so.

I’ll hold my hands up and agree that this storyline does indeed need to return to at some point in the upcoming season. How long for though, I don’t know. Angels are, in the words of Dean Winchester, a big bag of dicks, so I don’t really care too much for the angels. Then again that doesn’t mean the poor innocent souls in heaven should suffer because of them.

We will see what the writers plan as we get closer to season 14. No doubt there will be some hints and teases closer to the time but I do agree with Collins, the issue of heaven needs to be addressed, I’m just now sure how long for.

You can see that interview by Misha Collins below.

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What do you think? Does the issue of heaven need to be addressed in Supernatural season 14? If so, should it be a major story arc or just a short couple of episodes? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Supernatural season 14 does not have a release date but will return in the fall.