Preacher: What does God need from Tulip?

PREACHER -- Acquired via AMC
PREACHER -- Acquired via AMC /

God needs Tulip for his Grand Plan but we don’t know what that is yet. What does God need Tulip to do in Preacher?

Purgatory is an interesting place to be in the world of Preacher. As Tulip waited for her crossover to death, she saw her father and young self, which gave an interesting insight into Tulip’s formative years.

Her father was a felon and career criminal. Her mother was a prostitute who looked at Tulip more as a burden than anything else. Tulip deeply loved her daddy and still supported him despite everything. As she stood at the window shooting at the cops with her younger self and daddy, you could just see the love between the dysfunctional family.

But when Tulip was pulled out of Purgatory, she was on a sun-filled road with God in his dog costume ready to meet. He didn’t bring Tulip back, but he told her God did have a plan for her.

PREACHER — Acquired via AMC /

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Just as God began to triumphantly yell what he wanted Tulip to do, she was ripped away from the moment and brought back to her body in the real world.

All God got out was, “Get those sonsabitches…”

But the wording is important because that’s exactly what her father said. We witnessed this in Purgatory. And as someone who watches shows in subtitles (when on a noisy train) the comparison between the two were unmistakably clear.

So the question becomes who are the “sonsabitches” God is referring to?

There are a number of candidates. It could be Gran’Ma, Jody and T.C. They’re evil and Gran’Ma seems to get her power from some place not so heavenly. But they seem like bit players, turning tricks for local townspeople without having much effect on the rest of the world.

The Grail seems like a better candidate. It is tasked with protecting and preserving the holy line of Jesus. Yet, last season, we met the 23rd or so descendent of Jesus, who was a mentally-challenged man living with the mind of a child. He doesn’t seem to be allowed to go anywhere or do anything without the consent of members of The Grail.

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Herr Starr, its leader, has his hands in many things around the world manipulating events to get his desired outcome. He kills without emotion and inspires to same behavior in other people.

An organization that should have been for a good has become anything but that.

You can draw parallels from The Grail to the police that Tulip’s dad fought. The police that Tulip’s dad called “sonsabitches.”

Tulip is the only one who has gotten to talk to God. If she is needed in his grand plan, it is going to require Jesse and Cassidy too.

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