NCIS: Kasie taking over from Abby really is the best possible option

Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton, Acquired via CBS Press Express
Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton, Acquired via CBS Press Express /

There will never be a replacement for Abby on NCIS, but Kasie is a good alternative. With the news Diona Reasonover will join NCIS Season 16 as a series regular, here’s why Kasie makes the perfect alternative.

When we heard Pauley Perrette was leaving during NCIS Season 15, many of us were sad and worried. There are now only two characters who have been around from the very beginning and one of those will have a reduced season order again this year. The idea of losing Abby is scary; the show just isn’t going to be the same without her. However, we will get Diona Reasonover as a series regular, according to Deadline.

Reasonover stepped into NCIS Season 15 as a recurring guest star. A major fan of the team after editing Ducky’s book, it turns out that she’s also a forensic scientist. While I did initially think “well, that’s convenient,” it worked well for the show–and made sense as she was editing Ducky’s book with likely a lot of technical information at times.

But what makes Kasie the perfect option to step into Abby’s lab?

Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton, Acquired via CBS Press Express
Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton, Acquired via CBS Press Express /

We already know her

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The biggest strength Kasie has over anyone else is that we, as fans of the show, have had a chance to get to know her. This is why Reeves worked well in NCIS Season 14. We’d already had the chance to meet him in the previous season, so getting to see him more was exciting.

With Kasie, we’ve seen what she can do. She’s already made a mark on the team and she stepped up when asked. This wasn’t a character looking to take over Abby’s spot. In fact, she was nervous she wouldn’t live up to expectations after Abby left. Without being a threat, we were given the chance to find elements of her character that we liked.

Kasie isn’t a direct copy of Abby. She’s quirky, which is something NCIS needs, but it’s in her own way. There’s still so much we have to learn but that handful of episodes in NCIS Season 15 have certainly helped ease some of the pressure and anxiety.

The team and Abby approve

I’ll say again that there’s no way anyone can replace Abby. It’s definitely going to be hard to fill her lab and I don’t envy Reasonover for taking on this role. However, on the show, the team and Abby have already approved. When Kasie first came in, she instantly made a positive impression.

In the finale, she stepped in to help and did things in her own way. Sure, there were times that Gibbs was frustrated, but it was purely because this was a new partnership. Kasie isn’t Abby and he had to figure that out as she worked. In the end, Kasie made it clear that she’s good at her job, as long as she’s allowed to work the way she wants.

Gibbs getting used to this change mimics us as viewers. We’ll have to get used to this change and the dynamic shift. At least we’ve had a chance to get used to it.

Personally, I liked Kasie. She’s quirky and fun and gets along with so many characters already. Most importantly, she gets along with Palmer. He’s going to need a new work friend now that Abby isn’t going to be in her lab.

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What do you think about Diona Reasonover becoming a series regular in NCIS Season 16? Are you excited to see Kasie step up in the role as the fulltime forensic scientist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS Season 16 will premiere on Sept. 25 at 8/7c on CBS.