Supernatural Season 14: Just how long will Michael!Dean last?

Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

When we learned Michael!Dean would be the cliffhanger of Season 13, there was one question many of us had. Would we get more of Michael!Dean in Supernatural Season 14 than we ever got of Deanmon? Well, Jensen Ackles hinted at what we’d get while at SDCC 2018.

While at SDCC 2018, Jensen Ackles opted to do press the first night on his own. This meant a lot of discussion of what’s to come for him in Supernatural Season 14. Of course, one question that we’ve all had since the Season 13 finale is how much we’ve get to see of Michael!Dean. Will we get more than we got of Deanmon?

In an exclusive interview with TV Line, Ackles shared a little about what’s to come for his character and why he was apprehensive but exciting. This is his first time not doing some sort of iteration of Dean Winchester. Even when Shifter!Dean appeared in the first season or when he was Leviathan!Dean, he took on a version of himself in a sense. This is the first time his character has been completely embodied by a different creature or character.

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During the interview, he hinted at the length of time we’d get to see Michael!Dean. It certainly sounds like more than Deanmon, considering he admitted this year that the demon version of Dean was underused.

All Ackles has said is “it’s going to be longer than what audiences think.” This isn’t an exact answer, but it gives us a few ideas to work with. Many of us currently possibly think three episodes. That’s how long Deanmon lasted, right? So if it’s longer, does that mean we’ll get many five or six episodes from the 20-episode season?

I could cope with five episodes of Michael!Dean, especially if the sneak peek of the Supernatural Season 14 premiere is anything to judge. The sneak isn’t yet available, but I’d managed to get a listen to it through audio of the panel. The first scene is going to be Michael!Dean and not just him in a bar. He has a big plan to “purify” the Earth. This is an exciting character to watch and five episodes of that will be more than enough.

Up to seven or eight episodes would be good for the storyline. Then Michael can be expelled in some way and the focus can move onto Heaven, which is going to come up with more focus in the second half of the season. Anything more than eight episodes and it might be too much for a 20-episode season.

You can catch the full interview with TV Line below.

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What do you think Jensen Ackles means by “longer than what audiences think”? How much Michael!Dean would you like to see in Supernatural Season 14? Share in the comments below.

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