Will Steven Universe: The Movie be the series finale?

Photo Credit: Steven Universe/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Press
Photo Credit: Steven Universe/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Press /

Steven Universe: The Movie is coming soon. Will this be the end for the series?

Recently, at SDCC,  it was announced by creator Rebecca Sugar that Steven Universe will be airing on Cartoon Network in a big way in the rapidly approaching future with a feature-length outing called Steve Universe: The Movie. Since this will technically be coming off the fifth season of the highly acclaimed animated series – and a sixth season has yet to confirmed by Cartoon Network in any significant way – it makes us wonder if this could truly serve as a bookend to the entire series.

The most visceral answer, and the one that we really want to be true, is of course not. Steven Universe can’t end. It needs to go on forever and ever and anything less than that is unacceptable. This is a show with depth, warmth, strong emotional truths that for it to go would feel like we’re being robbed of something that the world sorely needs right now.

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The story isn’t done. We still need more of Connie and Steven, Lapis and Peridot, the entire Crystal Gems (including Bismuth), the citizens of Beach City; on a selfish level, we still need more.

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Everything does and should end, though. If this is where Rebecca Sugar decides to leave the series, with a final showdown with White Diamond, then we can live with that. In the end, we’ll still be left with a show that was beautiful and brilliant, showed us what it meant to have empathy and compassion, and valued love and kindness above all else.

It would be amazing for Cartoon Network to renew Steven Universe for another season after the movie. That very well may be what happens but saying goodbye wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It would hurt, but if Steven Universe taught us anything, it’s that some cathartic pain is good for you.

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Steven Universe: The Movie doesn’t currently have a premiere date. Are you ready for the show to go? Let us know in the comments.