Fear The Walking Dead season 4 finale recap: Morgan’s friends search for a new home

Jenna Elfman as June, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as Wendell, Mo Collins as Sarah, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Jenna Elfman as June, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as Wendell, Mo Collins as Sarah, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

In the Season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead, Morgan and the others began their journey towards Alexandria. However, the devious Martha has stalled them at every turn.

When the Season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead begins, Al is back and she’s equipped with some nifty gear. She managed to escape the hospital, finding her way into a parking garage. Inside the garage, she discovers a stocked police cruiser. Once she’s prepped, Al heads out in search of her friends. But instead of finding Morgan, she comes across Martha.

Martha and Al have a brief conversation which makes Al tense. A few walkers approach from behind and a scuffle takes place. Martha gets the upper hand, knocking Al unconscious. She wakes up in the next scene alongside June and the others. They inform Al that they found her unconscious and unharmed, but Martha was nowhere to be found.

Shortly after their reunion, Morgan and the gang begin their voyage towards Alexandria. But before they can head there, the group has to make a stop at Polar Bear’s truckstop. It’s there that they find more trouble waiting.

At first, nothing seems out of the ordinary. The power is still running, the truck-stop hasn’t been touched, and everything is in its place. A short while later, the group begins feeling ill. They don’t understand what’s going on, but they’ve become infected with something. The situation appears grim for them all, and Morgan is too far away to help them.

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Morgan goes out in search of Martha and finds her injured. Morgan throws Martha into the back of a police cruiser, taking her with him to Polar Bear’s truck-stop. But, on the way there, Martha tricks Morgan into reaching back. When he does, Martha pulls him through the window, causing them to crash.

After the accident, Morgan hears Al over the radio. She informs Morgan about the illness spreading amongst their group. Al feels strongly that they’re going to die, but Morgan isn’t ready to accept that. Martha scoffs at Morgan’s pledge to help them, implying that she was the one who poisoned them.

Back at the truck-stop, June discovers the water was tampered with. Martha filled the water bottles with antifreeze, poisoning them in the process. Still conscious, Al and the gang make a drive for the tanker outside which contains ethanol. Ethanol being a chemical neutralizer for antifreeze would be an ideal antidote for them.

The bad news is that the truck-stop has become surrounded by walkers. The weak survivors inside are in no condition to fight them but make an attempt regardless. Victor and Luciana manage to reach the tanker and get close to getting the ethanol but the nozzle is jammed.

With walkers closing in, Luciana and Victor have to walk away. But before they can, Al opens up the machine gun hatch on her truck, emptying the clips. They’re all neutralized but the bullets open up tons of holes in the tanker, letting all the ethanol leak out.

The survivors retreat back into the truck-stop, reeling from their defeat. They come to the realization that they’re probably not going to make it and tell Morgan. He’s fighting off walkers from every angle himself, but Morgan won’t let them die. Morgan tells them he’s on the way and they just need to hang on a bit longer. Unfortunately, they’re in low spirits at this point.

While the situation looks bad for them, Morgan comes through yet again. He clears a path through the new crowd of walkers surrounding the building, reuniting with his very ill friends. Morgan tells them that he couldn’t find any ethanol but found a sufficient substitute: beer.

Morgan made a stop at Jim’s old brewery, picking up a truck on the way. The truck filled with beer provided Morgan’s group with the antidote needed, curing them of Martha’s poisoning.

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Once they’re all squared away, the real journey begins. The difference, this time, is that Morgan doesn’t want to head back to Alexandria. Instead, he wants to help people in a different way. Morgan proceeds to give his friends a rousing speech about their mission and how they can make the world a better place, part of that includes continuing Polar Bear’s work delivering supply boxes.

After a small flash forward, Morgan’s group has outfitted several vehicles with armored plating and equipment to fend off any walkers they come across. They also have a trailer which we can assume is filled with supplies to deliver ready to go. Their caravan is ready and Morgan begins his mission of saving people just like his old friend Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 9 next Sunday. To catch up on Fear The Walking Dead, rewatch Season 4 on AMC.com. The first three seasons are available on Hulu.