This Is Us: Ranking Randall’s worst moments of Season 4

THIS IS US -- Pictured: Sterling K. Brown as Randall -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)
THIS IS US -- Pictured: Sterling K. Brown as Randall -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC) /

There’s no denying that Randall wasn’t always at his best this season. Years of emotional baggage came crashing down on him amid Rebecca’s health diagnosis, and there’s no denying that Randall didn’t handle it well. Let’s rank some of Randall’s worst moments of This Is Us Season 4.

While we don’t know what’s in store for him come This Is Us Season 5, here are some of Randall’s worst moments from Season 4.

5. Randall Hijacks Rebecca’s Doctor’s Appointment

After admitting to Randall in Season 4, Episode 9, that she needed to see a doctor about her memory loss, Randall scheduled the appointment and tagged along to Miguel’s disdain. While the men waited for Rebecca to complete her examination, Miguel made it clear to Randall that he was capable of taking Rebecca to the doctor himself, and, when he implied that Randall was overreacting by setting up the appointment in the first place, Randall had this to say:

"“Hey, Miguel, I would love if I came out here for absolutely nothing. But I know my mother. I spent one day with her at Thanksgiving, and I could tell that something was off. How could you not see it?”"

Although Randall’s suspicions were ultimately confirmed to be correct, that doesn’t change the fact that Randall’s treatment of Miguel at this moment was unfair. We rarely have the objectivity to see what’s right in front of us. A serious medical issue could easily be seen as a minor quirk to those too close to the situation. Combine that with the fact that Rebecca’s a grown woman who’s capable of speaking up for herself, and we can safely say that Randall had no right to question Miguel’s love for Rebecca.

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4. Randall Says Something Cruel To Rebecca

The subject of Rebecca’s health first came up in Season 4, Episode 8, when Rebecca had some “senior moments” while spending the day with Randall.

Although she denied that anything was wrong, Randall pushed the issue, leading Rebecca to remind him that she’s the parent, and he’s still the child. When Randall implied that he’d been acting as her parent since Jack died, Rebecca called his words cruel.

While we do see moments, especially in Season 4, Episode 8, where Rebecca leaned on Randall for support in the wake of Jack’s death, Randall is now an adult. He can no longer blame Rebecca for behavior that he chooses to enable.

3. Randall Blames Kevin 

After learning about Rebecca’s diagnosis, Kevin quickly began to butt heads with Randall over her medical care. Although in Season 4, Episode 16 Randall wished to send Rebecca to a nine-month clinical trial in St. Louis, Kevin was against the idea. Kevin ultimately agreed to support the move on the condition that Randall would wait to bring it up until after Kevin’s movie premiere, so when Randall brought it up to Rebecca at the premiere party, the brothers began to argue.

After Rebecca let the men know that she wouldn’t be enrolling in the clinical trial, Randall made his feelings on the decision known to Kevin:

"“I spent every day for the last 20 years wondering if I could’ve saved Dad. And now I had a chance to save Mom, and you blew it.”"

Randall’s always blamed Kevin for leaving to pursue an acting career while he stayed back to “take care of the family.” Grief is a complicated thing, and we all handle it in different ways. It’s unfair for Randall to judge Kevin for leaving when Randall chose to stay only of his own accord.

2. Randall Calls Kevin A Self-Centered, Stale Actor

The wedge between Randall and Kevin grew wider when Kevin learned in the Season 4 finale that Randall guilted Rebecca into attending the clinical trial. Just moments after Kevin learned that he’s going to be a father, the brothers engaged in one of the fiercest battles of words I believe the show’s ever seen.

While Kevin delivered some pretty low blows, I believe that the conversation turns out much differently if Randall walks away, cools off, and comes back later. However, that doesn’t happen, and so we get the brothers exchanging verbal punches as Randall accuses Kevin of abandoning the family, tells him that Jack died ashamed of him, calls him self-centered, and criticizes his acting career.

While this climactic scene was incredible, it’s not at number one on my list because while it was heartbreaking, Randall didn’t say anything we didn’t already know he felt.

1. Randall Gives Rebecca An Ultimatum

By far, Randall’s worst moment of Season 4 came in Season 4, Episode 17, after a therapy session where Randall seemed to have broken ground. After talking through scenarios of how Randall’s life would’ve been different had Jack survived the fire, Randall concluded that he still harbored resentment toward Rebecca for keeping William a secret from him for 36 years.

Although his therapist suggested that he confront Rebecca about his feelings, Randall chose instead to use his feelings against Rebecca:

"“[…] I’ve let things go, Mom. Things…that were kept from me. Things that I should’ve resented you for, but I never did, because I knew that it would be painful for you. I’ve never asked you for anything, Mom. But I am asking you for this now.  And I need you to say it. You are going to St. Louis. And you are going to do this clinical trial.”"

I’ve ranked this moment at number one on the list of Randall’s worst moments of Season 4 because not only are Randall’s words harsh, but they’re also manipulative. Randall says what he says to guilt Rebecca into attending the clinical trial, it works, and more importantly, he knows it’ll work. He disregards what Rebecca wants to get what he wants to make himself feel better regardless of whether or not it’s the best thing for Rebecca. It’s an all-time low for Randall.

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Randall has some serious damage control to do come Season 5, but will it be too late? What would you consider to be some of Randall’s worst moments of Season 4? Let us know!

This Is Us is tentatively set to return for Season 5 this fall on NBC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on Season 4 via Hulu or the NBC app.