4 questions we have for Sweet Magnolias Season 2

SWEET MAGNOLIAS -- Courtesy of Eliza Morse/Netflix
SWEET MAGNOLIAS -- Courtesy of Eliza Morse/Netflix /
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Sweet Magnolias Season 2

3. Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Is Dana Sue Isaac’s birth mother?

With the help of her hardworking and loyal staff, Dana Sue has been able to run a tight ship at Sullivan’s.

Among the staff at Sullivan’s that we were introduced to this season was Brad, a disgruntled employee who sues Dana Sue for wrongful termination, Erik, her new sous chef with a mysterious past, and Isaac, a young chef who seeks out Erik as a mentor. However, Isaac spent more time asking Erik about his past than about cooking. Isaac’s prodding quickly drew my attention, especially when he began snooping through Dana Sue’s office, leading me to believe that he was in cahoots with Brad.

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When it was revealed that Isaac came to Serenity in search of his birth parents, an interracial couple who lived in Serenity, and believed Erik to be his biological father, his behavior made sense. Although their mentor/mentee relationship grew throughout the season, Erik denied being Isaac’s father nevertheless, Isaac kept on with his search.

So when Dana Sue’s friend Micah, a black man, came to town, Isaac once again believed he’d cracked the case.

When he asked Dana Sue if she was his biological mother, she seemed shocked. Unfortunately, at that time, she received the call about the car accident, so we didn’t get to hear her answer. Is Dana Sue Isaac’s mother? Given the fact that he made the claim with little evidence, I think it’s unlikely.