This Is Us season 2 spoilers: Sterling K. Brown previews adoption ‘compromise’

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Sterling K. Brown hints at Beth and Randall’s ‘different’ adoption in This Is Us Season 2. What will their compromise entail?

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When This Is Us returns for Season 2 next month, Beth and Randall will be in the throes of a transitional period. In the first season finale, Randall comes to the conclusion that he wants to honor the legacy of his parents by adopting a child. Having lost both of his fathers and quit his job, Randall’s searching for a new form of connection. But Beth isn’t entirely on board.

This Is Us pushes Beth and Randall, whose relationship has generally been a reliable source of stability, into the choppy waters of disagreement for the first time in the series. Even though we know that the new Pearson OTP won’t be separating any time soon, it will undoubtedly be uncomfortable watching the pair struggle to reach a solution to their adoption dilemma. Sterling K. Brown recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly’s Jess Cagle to talk Season 2 and what’s ahead for Beth and Randall. Is all calm on the Pearson front? Brown teases that while they won’t be seeing eye-to-eye, a compromise is imminent.

Season 2 will open with Beth and Randall in discussion about which path to take for their family’s future. As revealed at the This Is Us Emmys FYC panel, Beth will be going back to work as an urban planner, which might be holding her back from adding onto their family. However, to gain insight into the decision to adopt, Randall reaches out to Rebecca, as Brown tells EW:

"“Beth doesn’t quite see it exactly the same way as Randall does, so they’re having a conversation, if you will, around this whole adoption issue. So, he goes to seek some counsel, sage counsel, from the woman that he loves just as much as his wife. So he goes to see Rebecca. And she tells him that it wasn’t automatic for her.”"

We know from Season 1 that Rebecca wasn’t immediately on board with adopting Randall, as her grief for losing one of their children overshadowed her ability to connect with the babies. But her partner, Jack, knew without a doubt that Randall was meant to be part of their family. According to Brown, this will be the role Randall takes in their adoption conversation:

"“When she first saw me as a baby she had to be convinced by Jack, and Jack was just insistent, and he pushed, and sometimes there has to be that person in the marriage who pushes, who sort of guides the other person in the direction that they need to be. And she talks about how this stranger became her child, this child became her life, and that’s me, that’s Randall.”"

But This Is Us won’t be rewriting history with identical motions. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, and neither does the good will of the Pearson clan. Still, in some shape or form, adoption will be happening in its own unique way. Brown hints to EW that Beth and Randall’s “compromise” will lead the couple to go about adding onto their family differently than Jack and Rebecca.

"“The adoption storyline is big and the way that we go about it transforms from Randall’s original perception of how he thinks it should be. So, Beth and Randall come up with a compromise together for what works for them as a couple, similar to how Rebecca and Jack did, but it looks a little bit different.”"

So, what will Beth and Randall’s compromise consist of in Season 2? How does Randall’s initial impression of how they would welcome a new child into their home evolve after talking through it with his mother and wife?

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A leading prediction for adoption looking “a little bit different” could be Beth and Randall fostering a child in need. Rather than diving directly in permanent childcare, fostering a child might act as the necessary middle ground for Beth and Randall to warm up to opening their hearts and home.

Of course, This Is Us could also have the couple adopt a child closer in age to Tess and Annie in place of a newborn baby a la Parenthood. But if we know this always singular and surprising show, neither of these predictions will have any merit.

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This Is Us returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.