When will Jane the Virgin Season 4 stream on Netflix?

Jane the Virgin Season 4 is wrapping next month and now it’s time to get ready to binge watch the whole season again.

There’s one awesome thing about the exclusive deal between The CW and Netflix; it means it’s possible to work out when shows will make their way to the streaming service. Jane the Virgin will be the third of the current lineup of shows making their way to Netflix this spring.

Note: This is just for Netflix U.S. Other countries have different licensing deals.

When will Jane the Virgin Season 4 finale air?

Jane the Virgin Season 4 wraps on April 20. This is at a special time of 8/9c on The CW, rather than the usual 9/8c timeslot. This is linked to The Originals Season 5 premiere, which is taking over the current 9/8c slot, so our Jane has to move forward. Dynasty will take a week off to allow Jane to wrap and The Originals to begin.

However, the timing of the episode has no effect on the date or time it streams on Netflix. From midnight on April 27, you’ll be able to stream Jane the Virgin Season 4 in full, along with the previous three seasons.

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Will there be a Jane the Virgin Season 5?

There still isn’t any news about Jane the Virgin Season 5. That doesn’t mean it’s canceled since none of the shows on the network have received an early pick-up just yet. It’s not clear whether The CW is holding off until May or will pick up its usual round of shows later this month. The last few years have seen the likes of the Arrowverse shows, SupernaturalJane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend get a renewal notice between January and March and it feels odd not having that notice this year.

The ratings haven’t been great, but they’ve not been drastically poor. It is possible the show will be renewed for another year. Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane, said at SXSW that she’d like to do more directing in the next (and final) season.

Are you getting ready for Jane the Virgin Season 4 to drop on Netflix? Which episode will you watch first? Share in the comments below.

Jane the Virgin Season 4 airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.