NCIS season 15 recap: 5 best moments in Episode 18

Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton; Acquired via CBS Press Express
Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton; Acquired via CBS Press Express /

NCIS brought the case to HQ, trapping various members together in different sections of the building. Here’s a look at the best moments from NCIS Season 15, Episode 18.

NCIS Season 15 put the team under direct threat in this episode, titled “Death from Above.” As Gibbs and Torres were in one section of the building as it went under lockdown, Palmer and Bishop were in another. Jack, McGee, and Vance found themselves trapped in MTAC with Reeves trapped outside alone.

Oh, and there was a very special guest, who impersonated Ducky throughout the episode. The most important question, of course, was why Abby was in one of the morgue drawers? The answer to that is one of the five best moments from NCIS Season 15, Episode 18.

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#1. Bishop and Palmer search for freedom

After a man is found dead on the roof of HQ, the place goes on lockdown. That means Abby and Palmer need to get evidence down to lockup, which neither are really that happy about—and both go searching for each other to do it for them.

While in Abby’s lab looking for her, Palmer comes across Bishop. Bishop is looking through evidence found around the dead body from the roof and waiting for the fingerprints to come up. Just as they find out the real identity of the man, the places goes on a deeper lockdown to the point where the doors won’t open. Bishop and Palmer are locked in Abby’s lab.

After attempting to jimmy the lock (and burning up most of Abby’s equipment in the process), Bishop looks over at the window. Palmer mentions how the glass was improved after the sniper incident (yes, that sniper incident; beautiful call-back) and shares the only thing that will get them through the window is a pipe bomb.

Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton; Acquired via CBS Press Express
Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton; Acquired via CBS Press Express /

So, yes, the two make a pipe bomb and, as you would expect, blow the window up just as the case is solved and the doors unlock.

#2. The surprise Ducky impersonator

NCIS kept this quiet, but DiNozzo Sr. was back this week and forced to impersonate Ducky. It’s just a good job that there were no pictures on Ducky’s desk and the people linked to the dead body on the roof didn’t work at NCIS.

While Abby is looking for Palmer, she runs into DiNozzo, who is visiting after sharing that he’s leaving the Sherlocks. While there, one of the men responsible for the lockdown (we’ll call him Bomber #1 for this) holds them at gunpoint and threatens their lives. DiNozzo Sr. pretends to be Ducky to save Abby’s life.

Just as it looks like Abby is still going to be killed, we cut to Torres, who is pretending to be the janitor to get his gun from his desk. Bomber #2 catches him and believes the janitor shtick until Bomber #1 and DiNozzo Sr. turn up and spots that Torres’ photo is on his desk. This leads to both Torres and DiNozzo Sr. getting taken down to lockup, where Bomber #1 wants to look for evidence.

#3. Torres’ amusing undercover attempt

It turns out the bombing was to destroy evidence and the bomb was going to be dropped down the air vent. Of course, he had to jump to plan B, but that failed. Now he’s onto plan C, which involves burning the evidence with Torres and DiNozzo Sr. chained at lockup.

Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton; Acquired via CBS Press Express
Photo credit: NCIS/CBS by Monty Brinton; Acquired via CBS Press Express /

With Bomber #1 gone, DiNozzo is able to share that he’s leaving the Sherlocks because his girlfriend has cheated on him and left him. Torres sympathizes with him; well, feels sorry for him but has no idea what it’s like to be dumped. DiNozzo makes a quip about Bishop (yes, I see it too) before sharing that he has a way to get out of the cuffs, so they don’t burn alive.

DiNozzo Sr. needs to get to autopsy, anyway. He needs to get to Abby and hopes it isn’t too late.

Where is she? Well, she chose to go in the morgue drawer, because it was better than getting shot. Bomber #1 through she was going to suffocate, but she was comfortable in the drawer and fell asleep!

We love you, Abby!

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#4. McGee gets back to hacking

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen McGee the computer geek. Well, this week it happened, while he, Jack and Vance were stuck in MTAC. It turned out that the bombers were working with a mole: the girl in M-Tac.

Jack managed to get to the bottom of why the girl betrayed NCIS, but that wasn’t the important thing. McGee was able to use his knowledge and skills to work out it was her by looking at the code and then was able to reset the system, get the doors open, and turn the sprinklers on to put the fire out in lockup.

He pretty much saved the day from the lockdown side. But there was someone else saving the day elsewhere.

#5. Gibbs taking down the bombers

I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard watching Bomber #2 shoot at printers and fax machines because they’re going off on their own. Well, not on their own, but he wasn’t sure who was setting them all off.

Of course, it was Gibbs. When Torres had been taken, Gibbs remained behind. He was able to take out Bomber #2 relatively easily, but Bomber #1 almost had him. When it looked like Gibbs might need saving, he suggested they go up to the roof.

With Vance now out of MTAC, he was in plain sight of Bomber #1 on the roof through the sky window. Vance shot the guy and he landed dead on Gibbs’ desk. Oh, and yes, it was with Gibbs’ gun.

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In the end, bomb squad did nothing, Bishop and Palmer have some explaining to do, McGee proved why he’s still great, Abby showed her awesomeness, and Gibbs and Vance saved the day. It was a pretty good episode of NCIS Season 15.

NCIS Season 15 continues on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

What were your favorite moments of the episode? Who did you enjoy watching the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.