This Is Us: Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship will be explored in Season 5

THIS IS US -- Pictured: (l-r) Jon Huertas as Miguel, Mandy Moore as Rebecca -- (Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC)
THIS IS US -- Pictured: (l-r) Jon Huertas as Miguel, Mandy Moore as Rebecca -- (Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC) /

Perhaps the biggest mystery This Is Us has yet to reveal is how Rebecca and Miguel ended up together. If you’ve been wondering yourself, you’re in luck!

In a recent interview with PEOPLE Magazine, This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman revealed we’ll get to see more of Rebecca and Miguel’s love story in Season 5.

In just the second episode of This Is Us, we learn that in the present, Jack and Rebecca are no longer together, and Rebecca is remarried, to Jack’s best friend, Miguel. Eventually, we learn that in the wake of Jack’s death, Rebecca and Miguel stayed in touch. At some point, they drift apart, reconnecting in 2008 when Miguel sends Rebecca a Facebook friend request.

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It’s no secret that Miguel isn’t exactly respected by The Big Three. Over the past four seasons, he’s often felt like an outcast, as he admits in Season 3, Episode 15. This idea was further enforced this season as he was left out of discussions regarding Rebecca’s medical care.

Nevertheless, in Season 5, he’ll be by Rebecca’s side as she attends the clinical trial in St. Louis.  Fogelman tells PEOPLE Magazine about the couple’s Season 5 journey:

"“It will also allow us to get towards, which has always been the plan in the back part of our series, further understanding how their relationship bloomed then stalled then bloomed again and really getting inside their lives.”"

Away from the prying eyes of The Big Three, we’ll get to see how Rebecca and Miguel function as a couple, find out what brought them together, and what drifted them apart in the first place.

If I had to guess why they drifted apart, I’d probably say that Miguel realized he was getting too close to Rebecca post-Jack’s death and pulled away out of fear that he was betraying his best friend. Miguel’s a good guy and was a great friend to Jack, giving him some tough love when needed, like in Season 1, Episode 2, and quick to defend him like in Season 4, Episode 3.

After some time, maybe he believed his feelings had passed, and so he felt comfortable reconnecting only to learn that his feelings hadn’t passed at all. Maybe he told Rebecca the truth, and she happened to be at a point in her life where she could reciprocate.

Whatever their story is, we know one thing; Rebecca’s not one to pass up grand romantic gestures. If Miguel is half the man who Jack was, their story is likely to be just as grand.

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This Is Us is tentatively set to return for Season 5 this fall on NBC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on Season 4 via Hulu or the NBC app.