Welcome to Derry release updates, cast, synopsis, and more

If you ask any horror fan for their top 10 favorite movies, we’re willing to be Stephen King’s It is on the list (even though it was originally released as a miniseries). It (2017) and its sequel, It Chapter Two (2019), also provide a lot of horror and thrills. The horror franchise continues with Welcome to Derry, set to stream on HBO Max. When is the series coming out? Who stars in Welcome to Derry? We share all the details with you, here!

From the release date, cast, and what the upcoming feature will be about, here’s everything we know so far about HBO Max’s Welcome to Derry. 

Welcome to Derry release date predictions

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, we don’t know when Welcome to Derry will be released on the HBO Max streaming platform. Collider believes it’ll be here sometime in 2023, we’re guessing the series will arrive just in time for the 2023 Halloween season, which would be perfect! The source does share, however, that production has begun! We will be sure to keep you posted with the latest.

Welcome to Derry cast

Fans are still very much in the dark when it comes to details about the upcoming horror series, including who will star in it. At this time, an official cast list has not been announced. Will we see any of the stars from the movies? I sure hope so!

Welcome to Derry synopsis

One thing we know about the series is that it will serve as a prequel to the events we’ve seen in the movies. How was the town of Derry before Pennywise took over and haunted the streets, terrorizing families? Welcome to Derry will be giving us the full story.

If you have always had questions about Pennywise’s origins and how the curse began, the series will finally give us some answers.

Once again, as soon as we have more details, we will update this post.