Tom Hanks: 15 greatest movies of all time

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Tom Hanks is one of those household names, who isn’t afraid to take risks and difficult roles. Here’s a look at his top 15 movies of all time (so far).

You’ve likely seen at least one of Tom Hanks movies. In fact, you’ve possibly seen multiple movies, whether it’s animation or live-action. That’s because this is an actor who isn’t afraid to take risks. He’ll take on roles that other actors wouldn’t even consider and do them justice every single time.

The first movie I ever watched Hanks in was Forrest Gump and that remains one of my all-time favorites because of that. It was also his second Oscar win in as many years. However, you may be surprised at where it falls on this list. Despite it being a movie I can watch over and over again, there are others where Hanks’ acting has stood out time and time again in so many other roles.

Ranking Hanks’ 15 greatest movies of all time hasn’t been easy. With 60+ acting credits to his name, there are movies that I hadn’t seen before writing this list, so I had to go through those to create my own opinion on his acting and portrayal of the characters. Plus I had that awful dilemma: does the Toy Story franchise count as one movie as a whole or should they be ranked individually? You’ll see what I went with during the list.

So, without further adieux, here are Tom Hanks’ 15 greatest movies of all time (so far, of course).

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