Tom Hanks: 15 greatest movies of all time

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#15. The ‘Burbs

Original Release Date: Feb 17, 1989

Box Office Earnings: $36,602,000 (USA gross)

Critical Acclaim: 1 Young Artist Awards nomination (Best Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture)

About the Role: Hanks is Ray Peterson, an overstress suburbanite who is convinced (along with many of his other neighbors) that the new family that’s moved in on the block are part of a murderous Satanic cult.

Of course, they have to be considering all the current evidence. Nobody has seen them, there are weird noises at night, and the whole house is a mess. The only thing Ray knows is their names are the Klopeks.

What transpires is the group of neighbors attempting to prove their theories that the Klopeks were involved in the disappearance of Walter, one of the older neighbors.

Simply the Best: Any Tom Hanks movie list had to start with one of his earliest movies. The ‘Burbs has everything that you could possible want, keeping you guessing along the way. Would his character’s assumptions be right or was there a deeper story?

The ‘Burbs is just one of those hilarious movies. While it may not have won any awards and barely got any recognition, it simply goes down as one of Hanks’ best movies ever, especially from a comedy aspect.

This is one of those movies packed with irony that remains relevant even as it gets older. Plus, the twist at the end will make everyone laugh and feel bad about the assumptions made at the same time.

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