Is Transplant renewed for Season 2?

NBC opted to acquire a couple of Canadian medical dramas in 2020 to help with pandemic programming. Transplant was one of them, but will we get Season 2?

With the pandemic, not all of NBC’s shows could return right away. That meant searching for content that would work to fill the gap. NBC turned to international content to acquire, helping to bring fresh content without something new needing to film.

Transplant was one of those shows. The Canadian series follows a Syrian refugee who was a doctor in his own country. However, he’s not able to get work as a doctor in Canada. That is until he has to perform brain surgery on the chief at the local hospital after a bomb at the fast food place he works.

From there, he manages to land a job as a resident at the hospital. Now he needs to prove that he belongs there, while learning the Canadian way of working and not using whatever is around due to being in a warzone.

Has Transplant been renewed?

The renewal for the medical drama wasn’t actually up to NBC. It was up to Canada’s CTV. The great news is that the medical drama had been renewed before it even made its way to U.S. networks.

Will there be a Season 2 of Transplant?

With news that CTV had renewed the show, we had to wait to find out what NBC would do. Would it acquire the second season?

Shortly before the Season 1 finale aired on NBC, the network gave us the good news. Transplant Season 2 would officially happen. The acquisition made sense. The show was performing well in terms of views and it would cost less to acquire the second season than create a new drama.

When does the new season of Transplant start?

Now all eyes are on when we’ll get to see this second season. It’s not aired in Canada yet and filming was delayed due to the pandemic. We’ll need to wait and see how filming goes to get an idea of when the second season will premiere.

According to Channel Watchers, filming began in February 2021. We’re probably looking at late 2021 or early 2022 at the earliest for the second season to air both in Canada and the U.S.

Transplant is available to stream on Peacock.