Grey’s Anatomy: 15 greatest love triangles of all-time, ranked

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Grey's Anatomy

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One thing Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t ever been short of is a good love triangle storyline. These triangles have led to various other stories and complications in the show, but which 15 stand out above the rest?

Grey’s Anatomy started with a love triangle, even if we never really knew it. When Addison turned up at the end of the first season, we knew that things were going to get messy. And that’s exactly what happened.

This is a show that has always been about the romances of the doctors and nurses in the hospital. The halls and on-call rooms are no stranger to love triangles. Whether characters are gay, straight, bi, lesbian, there’s a love triangle storyline for all.

We’ve watched all our main characters find themselves in the middle of a triangle at some point. Sometimes, they’ve been triangles of their own making. Other times, they’ve just been pulled in unintentionally and taken along for the ride.

Over the years, we’ve had to figure out who to root for in these triangles. Which couple did we want to see make it through permanently? Which third wheel did we want to see find love with someone else (because honestly, we’ve never really wanted them out in the cold)?

Each love triangle has its merits. While I don’t agree with cheating, some of the affairs have led to good storylines (and happiness) for the majority of people involved, so these love triangles have certainly made it to the list. With that in mind, here are the 15 best Grey’s Anatomy love triangles ever on the show.

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