Will Isn’t It Romantic be on Netflix?

Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t It Romantic is a sweet romcom not to be missed! Will it stream on Netflix?

Ins’t It Romantic is now playing in theaters. It’s a charming and hilarious romcom spoof within a romcom, and even if romantic comedies aren’t your thing, you’re sure to have a great time watching. And while most audiences have to go to their local theater to catch the movie, some Netflix subscribers will get to enjoy Isn’t It Romantic from the comfort of their own home! Now isn’t that convenient?

US markets may have gotten the movie first as it debuted in theaters earlier this week on February 13, but those in the UK and a few other international subscribers hang tight — Isn’t It Romantic is headed to your favorite streaming service.

On Thursday, February 28, all territories with the exception of the US and Canada will find Isn’t It Romantic on Netflix!

Consider me jealous. I may have seen the movie already, but I would love to laugh and enjoy it again without having to step out of the house. Will you be watching?

Isn’t It Romantic stars Rebel Wilson stars as Natalie, an architect who may as well be invisible to everyone around her. Natalie has very low self-esteem, but has become comfortable with it. There is one person who sees her as the shining star she truly is, her best friend Josh (Adam DeVine).

Natalie, however, is too busy hating and rejecting everything and anything to do with love to notice Josh is into her. A confidence boost is in order, but what Natalie truly needs to be happy is a fun twist the movie throws our way.

Isn’t It Romantic is now playing in theaters and will stream on Netflix in the UK February 28.