When will Good Girls Season 2 come to Netflix U.S.?

Good Girls Season 2 made its NBC debut on Mar. 3. What does this mean for the Netflix release date? When will the second season of Good Girls be on Netflix?

Mar. 3 was the day to finally get answers to our burning questions of Good Girls. We finally got to find out about Beth’s decision and the future for all three “good girls.” Now we have one major question: when will Good Girls Season 2 be on Netflix U.S.?

We’ll need to wait a while for that. The first season of the series finished on Apr. 30, 2018 and didn’t get to Netflix until January of this year. Since the show has premiered its second season around the same time and will finish airing in (likely) May, we can expect a similar timeline for Netflix.

We’ll likely see the NBC series drop on Netflix U.S. in Januar 2020, possibly even on New Year’s Day. I don’t think the release will work similar to The Good Place, which released its full season the day after the new season began. If NBC was going to expect that on Netflix, it would have likely started with the first season.

If you need to catch up on Good Girls Season 2, Hulu is the way to do it. The episodes are dropped on the streaming service the day after, which means the premiere is on there right now. One of the great things about Hulu streaming is that Netflix gets the news. If you watch within the week, NBC knows that this is one of its viable shows — and it certainly should be!

You can also purchase the episodes through Amazon Prime. When you buy the episodes digitally, you get to keep them for as long as the platform is around. There’s no need to hope the likes of Hulu and Netflix will keep the episodes.

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Good Girls Season 2 airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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