Is School Spirits canceled? (Will there be a season 2?)

All episodes of School Spirits season 1 are available to stream now on Paramount+. While we won’t give away what happened in the finale, “Madison’s Body,” we can say that it’ll leave you desperately wanting more from this series.

We’ve been on this murder mystery ride with Maddie Nears since she woke up in Split River High’s boiler room without any memory of how she ended up in the after life. For eight episodes, she and her friends have been trying to piece together what happened to her. Most of the town thought she’d gone missing or ran away, but her best friend Simon was able to see her ghost.

It was a trippy and heartbreaking happenstance that has led to moments of closure and thrilling reveals that left us on the edge of our seats from week to week. With the finale out, the big question (besides what happens next), is if we’re going to get a second season of the series. Here’s what we know!

Is School Spirits canceled?

No, it’s not canceled. We didn’t go into this season finale with the knowledge that the series wouldn’t be returning and it was never planned as a limited series so this story is meant to continue.

Is School Spirits renewed?

We’re still waiting on a renewal. Since the finale just dropped, we could be in limbo for a bit when it comes to Paramount+ announcing whether School Spirits has been canceled or renewed. An update on this matter can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so we might have to hold tight.

If the series is renewed, we likely can anticipate most of the cast making a return considering we were right in the middle of a heart-stopping reveal that took the story in an unexpected direction. We’ll keep you posted as news comes in. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote!