How ‘Supernatural’ Became the Longest-Running CW Show (and Won the Hearts of Fans)

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The CW has renewed ‘Supernatural’ for Season 13 next year. It is the longest-running show on the network, but how did it become that?

We have all fallen in love with the Winchesters. Okay, one brother more than the other (*cough* Dean *cough*) but there are endearing qualities to both of them. And of course there’s our not-quite-harp-playing angel, Castiel, and the good ole King of Hell thrown into the mix. We can’t forget about the various guest stars over the years, who crop up, are mentioned, and help save the day time and time again.

Supernatural has won the hearts of the fandom. Even the worst seasons have had fans continually join in. There are more Supernatural groups on Facebook than the majority of other fandoms, because the fans are a family (and family don’t end in blood).

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Did you know that at one point Supernatural was only supposed to last three years? Then there was the opinion that it would only last for five years. It started as a questionable “bubble” show that not everyone thought would succeed. Nobody believed it would gain the fandom and following that it has today. It really did transform from a short-lived teen drama to the longest-running fantasy show with plenty of life lessons.

It’s now on Season 12 with Season 13 already confirmed, and the CW isn’t looking to get rid of it any time soon. Despite rumors that it will end with 300th episodes, the CW has confirmed that it will continue as long as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki want to keep doing in.

In short, Supernatural is going to end when the guys who play the Winchesters pack it in. It started about them and it will end with them.

But just how has it gotten this far? How is it on Season 12 when it was supposed to end almost a decade ago? Here’s a look at just how Supernatural has become the longest-running CW show.