6 things Outlander changed from the real Battle of Prestonpans

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Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz Image Acquired from Starz Media Room

On September 21, 1745, the Scottish Jacobites gained a major victory against the British in a battle included in Outlander Season 2.

As a fan of history, I love watching shows and reading novels that have an element of the truth to them. Outlander instantly peaked my interest for the inclusion of the Jacobite rebellion. The Battle of Prestonpans took place on September 21, 1745 and was a decisive victory for the Stuart supporters and would help give them the morale needed for skirmishes and other battles during the 1745 rebellion.

We all know how it turned out. Even if you didn’t know history, Claire Beauchamp made it clear that the MacKenzies and Frasers weren’t going to make it through the Jacobite rebellion alive and Scottish Highlander ways would be almost forgotten. Yet she, Jamie, and Murtagh tried everything they could to change history.

Outlander Season 2 showed it wasn’t meant to be, but didn’t shy away from the battles. The Battle of Prestonpans took up an episode all to itself, because it was so important. While they were close with their history, there were a few elements that Outlander changed from the real Battle of Prestonpans. On the anniversary of the battle, here’s a look at those elements.