Will & Grace 200th episode recap: The 5 best burns in season 9, episode 6

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In the latest Will & Grace, Karen says goodbye to a very important person and hello to old friend Lorraine Finster. Let’s recap with the five best quotes!

Well, the 200th episode of Will & Grace was definitely a celebration, but it wasn’t quite the celebration we had anticipated from the sitcom. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, circle back once you have. And the hoard of tissues you reserve for Tuesday nights during This Is Us? Yeah, make sure those bad boys are in close reach. You’ve been warned.

Will & Grace finally answers the question on the minds of all loyal fans: Where in the world is Rosario? We knew she wouldn’t be making an appearance in the revival, but Karen has mentioned her maybe once, which is a career low for Karen. Prepare for a party because Karen throws Rosario the quinceañera she never had… for her funeral. Yes, you read that correctly: Rosario passed away. But Will & Grace knows how to throw a funeral with special appearances from Will and Grace’s self-centered arguing and returning guest star Minnie Driver as Lorraine Finster. Even in the wake of a tragedy, the barbs were flying left and right. Let’s recap the with the five sickest burns from the latest episode!

1. “Sorry I’m late, I came as soon as I wanted to.”

Don’t we all wish we could waltz into work with the blase attitude of Karen Walker? Add this quote to the list of phrases we toss out and claim we’re kidding. (We’re not.) Karen arrives to work late, and it rubs her new co-boss Will the wrong way. Karen can’t track down Rosario, leading to a phone call that Rosie has been admitted to the hospital for a heart attack. Suddenly, Will signing a lease to expand their office without Grace’s approval isn’t the most pressing issue.

2. “Where’d she go this time? An underground maid’s fight club I don’t know about?”

When the nurse informs Karen that Rosario is “gone,” she responds with her instinctual zingers. But how does Karen handle death? You’d think she would barely bat an eyelash since Stan’s “death” in the original series hardly registered on her emotional radar. However, this is Rosario we’re talking about. She’s a visible mess and her friends try to prop her up with kindness, but Karen insists she fine. After all, she allegedly breast fed herself.

Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village

3. “I’m more confused than Britney on stage in Vegas.”

You’ve heard of “bridezillas,” but Karen puts her own unpleasant spin on funeral planning. She has Jack running around among the confusion, hence his Britney Spears reference. (Author’s note: As a huge Britney Spears fan, I can’t condone the gentle jab. But isn’t it funny that she guest starred on Will & Grace and now they’ve mentioned her? How meta!) Who should show up for the funeral than Karen’s other complicated enemy and former stepdaughter, Lorraine Finster. It’s no matter — Karen leaves.

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4. “You don’t ask a priest to top you off on the blood of Christ.”

Would you expect Grace to behave herself at Rosario’s funeral? After dropping her breath mint into Rosario’s casket, Will digs her for asking for more wine during communion. Still, Grace is the first up to bat to drag Karen back from Smitty’s bar (!!!) to the service. Grace relates to her friend with her experience with her mother’s death (played by the late Debbie Reynolds), which just hits us in the heart once more. Ultimately, Grace’s attempts at getting through to Karen are unsuccessful, as are Jack’s song and dance efforts.

5. “Of all the times to come onto me, you pervert.”

It’s always the unlikely pairings that connect during the darkest times. Will’s the final contestant in the game of getting Karen back, and he doesn’t even try. He doesn’t prepare a speech or a song. Rather, he hugs her, a gesture that’s foreign to Karen. She hugs him back and takes his suggestion to say goodbye to Rosie alone. Do you have those This Is Us tissues at the ready? Karen calls Rosario her best friend, her everything, and cleans Rosie’s casket with the bottle of glass cleaner stashed inside. A fittingly humorous ending for an emotional and impactful episode.

Will & Grace returns with a holiday episode on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 9/8c on NBC.

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